Braxton, Dr. Millicent Principal

Aase, Sarah PE Teacher and Special Olympics Coordinator
Avriett, Timothy Life Skills Prep.
Barton, Laura Junior High 1
Barwick, Lory Elementary 2
Bigale, Adam Credit Recovery
Blackmon, Cynthia High School II
Burge, Emily Life Skills Support Teacher
Creamer, Jane Early Learning I
Davis, Stephanie Speech Therapy
Dean, Emily Elementary 3
Gilmore, Carolyn Speech Pathologist
Glover, Jack High School 1 and Volleyball Coach
Hand, Joy Junior High 4 and Volleyball Coach
Johnson, Lessie Elementary 1
Lovely, Christi Career Prep
Melvin, Sherrie Junior High 3
Parrish, Karen Behavior Transitions and Cheerleading Sponsor
Redmon, Karen Elementary Unique Skills and Volleyball Coach
Skipper, Bonnie Bess Guidance Counselor
Weiland, Adam Behavior Transitions teacher (part time) and Paraprofessional
Wiggins, Tanya Junior High 2

Austin, Adrianne Paraprofessional
Barnes, Candace Paraprofessional
Bellamy, Greta Paraprofessional
Bragan, Tony Paraprofessional
Brockington, Collette Paraprofessional
Broom, Jean Paraprofessional
Carroll, Edwin Physical Therapy
Childers, Jeanie Paraprofessional
Clark, Mel Paraprofessional
Collins, Rob
Couch, Rhonda Paraprofessional
Demaree, Debbie Paraprofessional
Ellis, Delene Paraprofessional
Gibson, Jamie Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA)
Holden, Etta Paraprofessional
Holland, Don Paraprofessional
Holmon, Debbie Secretary/Bookkeeper
Kemper, Jeannie Paraprofessional
Martin, Jimmy Paraprofessional
Mills, Shauna Paraprofessional
Paulk, Winnie Paraprofessional
Pelt, Lois Paraprofessional
Peterson, Glen Paraprofessional
Pierre, Barbara Paraprofessional
Pumphrey, Doyle Paraprofessional
Redfern, Kimberly Paraprofessional
Rhames, Carol Paraprofessional
Richards, Becky Paraprofessional
Ross, Roxanne Paraprofessional
Roulhac, Dexter Paraprofessional
Shopher, Gabby
Spires, Amos Paraprofessional
Vickery, Denise Data Entry